The Hunting lodge of Bokod can be found in the middle on a forest glade. You can find it towards Pusztavám, turning right after 2 km surfaced road then taking the dirt road behind the row of trees along Brook Erzsébet.

The cost of being close to nature and keeping distance from harms of civilization is that approaching the guest house can only be carried out on a dirt road of about 3 km – similarly to most of the guets houses. (According to plans there will be surfaced road in 2-3 years. Until that time the condition of the dirt road is continuously improved.) Reaching the house is not a problem in case of normal weather conditions by an average car. If it heavily rains, taking the road is advisable by a cross-country type car. You are kindly requested to inquire about the actual condition of the road. Cars not having these characteristics should be parked in Bokod in the parking area in front of the community centre. Cars left there are watched by local guards.

This way you need to walk to the guest house and follow the green/red route after taking 5 km you arrive there.

If you do not want to start your stay with walking, then you can arrange your transport by calling the contact phone number. In this case there is an available cross-country car for approaching and leaving the house, which is free for our guests. It is enough to check your arrival with the caretaker, who will be waiting for you in the centre of Bokod. Similarly, if someone stuck on the dirt road, the cross-country vehicle helps you as soon as possible.

You should turn right at the Y junction in Környe, coming from Tatabánya to Oroszlány after taking 7 km. This road takes you straight to Bokod, passing by a left turn-out to Kecskéd and another right one to Kömlőd. Taking exactly 8 km we arrive at the boundary of Bokod. It is advisable to turn right at the first junction on the surfaced road (Kis utca), because it makes it shorter. It is not a problem either to contnue our way straight forward (Erőmű utca) because both streets go into Fő utca. Arriving at Fő utca we turn right, then we soon get to to the end of Fő utca at a junction that is considered as the centre of Bokod (from the boundary of Bokod along Kis utca it is 1,8 km but taking the longer road it is more by 1,0 km). Turning left at the junction (Pusztavárnai utca), within 100 metres on left side of the road you can find buildings such as a pub, a coffee-bar, a community centre and its parking area. You can choose from two routes from Bokod, which are shown in the attached map.Térkép »

We kindly invite you to try the forms of passive and active recreation, either alone or with your family and friends!