Programs in the area

The location of our guest house offers exceptionally multi-faceted programs of sport and outdoor activities. Besides the sorrounding country, the closeness of Vértes mountain is also significant, since Oroszlány and Pusztavám, which lie on the western submontane at Vértes, are only a few kilometres away from our guest house. Please, feel free to choose from the programs below.


There are different types of hiking available for anyone. In winter you can participate in excellent ski-running trips for which only 5-10 cm snow is enough that is not rare even in our usual poorish snow amount. In the area of the guest house the waterlogged and swampy regions are individual (lake Kákás, meadow Selyem, lake and marsh Feneketlen), however meadow Egresi offers a spectacular view, too. Walking tours are available from strolls through light tours to performance tours.The area is suitable for nordic walking as well. You can also enjoy the local specialities of the Hungarian wine at wine houses in Bokod belonging to Vértes wine area, in a friendly atmosphere.

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Bicycle tours

The characteristics of the guest house support mostly bicycle tours. The range here is the widest, the total lenght of the enjoyable and tested route for cycling, starting from the guest house, is 250 km. The monasteries and fortresses of Vértes (Majk, Fortress of Gesztes) or the ruins (Vértes-Saint cross, Gerencsér-fortress, Csáki-fortress, Csókakői-fortress) suggest trails of the middle-age men’s hands. Targets of the tours for mood creating purposes are the wine cellars of the area (Bokod, Mór, Csákberény).

Different kinds of tours can be framed regaring its distance and difficulty level. They can be road tours, trekking, and cross-country (ATB, Cross, MTB), however most of the tested tour routes include dirt roads and features of the ground as well. Most of the tour routes are weather-proof so they can be used even in heavy rain or snow. One does not need to discard the bicycle tour even in extreme weather conditions since the surfaced road crossing Vértes with little traffic compensating the beauty of the area and the enjoyment of cycling. (It is advised to request information of the caretaker about the weather.)

The quantity and range of the tours can be increased if you drive closer to the furthest and most interesting destinations and from that point you can start the tour on foot or by bicycle.

We kindly invite you to try the forms of passive and active recreation, either alone or with your family and friends!