Accommodation and services


There are available rooms for 19 guests in total, 3 double rooms, 3 triplet rooms and 1 quadruple room in a two-storayed house (1 of the triplet rooms and the quadruple room have balconies). Spare beds can be placed in the double rooms in case of demand. There are large wardrobes besides the wide and comfortable single beds in the rooms and each bed has a bedside table or shelf along with a reading lamp. The tile stoves provide pleasant warm even on the coldest days, heating is done by the staff.

Further rooms

There is one bathroom upstairs and there are two ones downstairs supplied with cold and hot water (a shower, a basin and a toilet). Besides the rooms you can find a large living room where a cosy tile stove gives out warm on the cold days. There is enough table surface for common games in the wide living room together with a plasma TV, DVD/CD player and a radio to entertain our guests.


Basically, the house is equipped as self-supplier so there is no food or drink service. The kitchen is well equipped, you can find a gas-stove with oven, a refrigerator, a microwawe oven, a coffee maker, different dishes, kitchen gears and cleaning devices. Furthermore, you can find a dining table and a bar.

Meals can be prepared on the gas-stove in the kitchen or outside in the furnace, broiler or in a cauldron on an open fire. The special free service of the house is that one can order foods and drinks from the caretaker once a day at a mutually agreed time, of course only those kinds of products that can be bought in Bokod.

The water supply is operated from a home well that is suitable for bathing, brushing teeth and doing the washing up. For drinking and cooking purpose we recommend using bottled water.

Renovated Military container

In the yard of the hunting lodge there is a renovated military container which can provide a special accommodation for two people. 2 beds, a toilet and a kitchen (gas, basin) can be found in the container.

Outdoor equipments

You can find several equipments around the house (in most cases with roof) which can be used for eating, drinking wine, having a coffee or suitable for social events. The canvas walls of the garden summer house, which is appropriate for 25 people and equipped with a furnace and a traditional broiler fired by wood, can be easily taken off so you can enjoy it in case of bad weather. The winter use is supported by gas-radiant heaters. Our garden pavilion for bacon roasting and cooking in a cauldron works in a similar way. All the meadow of the House nearby can be seen from the natural grass terrace. The feeling of viewing the landscape is entrancing in the sunshine while having a morning coffee or drinking in the afternoon. Several types of ball games can be cultivated on the meadow from futsal through volley-ball to badminton. Further games can be played in the large area according to fantasy.

The tired body can be refreshed in an original sauna next to the guest house. Its heating works with a stove of wood fire. Operating the sauna is the caretaker’s duty, therefore the requested use needs to be arranged with him.


Plenty of hard-set parking area is available in front of the guest house. There is a closed outbuilding for storing bicycles safely and for horses there is a penthouse.

We kindly invite you to try the forms of passive and active recreation, either alone or with your family and friends!