Prices, conditions


Adult: 5.950 HUF/person/night
Children under age of 4: free
Children between the age of 4-6: 2.500 HUF/person/night
Above the age of 6: full price
Camping: 2.000 HUF/person/night

Prices include bed-linen, final cleaning and wood for cooking in cauldron.

Furthermore, prices include delivery out and back in case of bad road conditions once – other occasions cost 2500 HUF per turn.

Use of equipments in the yard (staying in daytime): 1.850 HUF/person/day
Use of furnace: 5.000 HUF/occasion
Use of sauna: 5.000 HUF/day
Heated round hot tubes (operating from October to April): 5.000 HUF/day

There is an opportunity for wine tasting and trips by a military truck – we kindly ask you to request our prices for these services. For weddings you are requested to ask for our offer.

Conditions of booking

Booking accommodation can be done by filling the Booking form. Booking is processed within 48 hours and we confirm the requested accommodation and services. After confirmation the order, a pre-payment is requested to be transferred. The amount of the pre-payment is 20% of the total price. Afterwards the Hunting house of Bokod guarantees the purchase of the particular service. In case the amount of the pre-payment does not arrive at our bank account, we consider your order as cancelled. We kindly ask you to pay the remained amount at our place.

Minimum number: 10 people.

Check-in on the given day is possible between 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Later check-in is also possible by previous agreement. Check-out shall be done on the particalr day until 10 a.m., in case of later check-out we charge a daily fee.

One of the conditions for reataining the accommodation-service is that guests must prove their identity before occupying their rooms according to legality.

Conditions of cancellation

The ordered accommodation and service shall be cancelled in a written form. Cancellation is free in case it is done at least 30 days prior to arrival, however if the cancellation arrives within 30 days before the arrival time, then the pre-payment is considered as a penalty therefore it s not payed back. In case we are not informed about the decrease in number of people 2 days prior to check-in, the nights for the guests not coming shall be payed.

The reservation can be postponed to another date, in case:
- vis major / unforeseen circumstances (war, fire, flood, weather vicissitudos, current failure)
- the owner of the guest house face such change of circumstances that can affect the perfect state of the accommodation (technical failure), then the owner can withdraw the booking without any consequences.

The Service provider is entitled to terminate the contract for providing accommodation promptly, therefore providing service can be declined in case:
- guests do not use their rooms and equipments properly
- guests behave improperly or outrageously with the guest house employers, have drinks or drugs taken while adopting threatening, abusive or other unacceptable behaviour
- guests do not keep the house rules

We kindly invite you to try the forms of passive and active recreation, either alone or with your family and friends!