The guest-house, which was completely renovated in 2010, can be found in Komárom-Esztergom county, slightly to West from Vértes mountain, in the region between Vértesalja and Bársonyos, on the verge of Erzsébet brook and on the frindge of a forest glade, 4 km far from the centre of the village called Bokod.

A magic place at forest glade

The special magic of the place is perfect calm and peace. Except chatters and the careful steps of wild beasts around the house, there is not any noise of the world inflitrating through. The magic place and the view of the forest embracing a small meadow provide soul-warming feelings to people who stand in a gaze in peace.

The guest-house – despite its name – is not for hunters but its dreamers and creators set a centre target to meet people’s requirements of the most diverse spare-time interests. According to it, the outer and inner face, furniture, comfort and charm of the guest-house primaliry reflect the feeling of a highland tourist house.

Who do we recommend our guest-house?

Of course, to everyone. However, it is especially suitable for social events and for organizing trips, teambuilding trainings, retrainings, meetings, negotiations and family events because of its conditions. The ones who wish for privateness or for others’ company would not be disappointed either because it is only up to them which way to choose how to spend their time for the various opportunities available.

There are available rooms for 19 guests in total, 3 double rooms, 3 triplet rooms and 1 quadruple room in a two-storayed house. (Spare beds can be placed in double rooms in case of demand.)

There is one bathroom upstairs and there are two ones downstairs supplied with cold and hot water (a shower, a basin and a toilet). Besides the rooms you can find a large living room where a cosy tile stove gives out warm on the cold days.

You can find several equipments around the house (in most cases with roof) which can be used for eating, drinking wine, having a coffee or suitable for social events.

The canvas walls of the garden summer house, which is appropriate for 25 people and equipped with a furnace and a traditional broiler fired by wood, can be easily taken off so you can enjoy it in case of bad weather. Our garden pavilion for bacon roasting and cooking in a cauldron works in a similar way.

We kindly invite you to try the forms of passive and active recreation, either alone or with your family and friends!